Friday, July 30, 2010

Principessa in the movies!

What do Jennifer Aniston and Principessa have in common? Both are featured in the movie the Switch that is coming out this summer. Originally the movie was supposed to be called The Baster (as in turkey) but in all honesty I can see why they decided to change it :)

Last year when they were filming in NYC the producers of the show contacted us and wanted some products to put in the bathroom to make it pretty and feminine.

We were thrilled to send a bunch of goodies and now we can only cross our fingers and hope we didn't end up on the cutting room floor! I'm sure the movie will be awesome regardless as Jennifer is the quintessential Principessa and always amazing to watch...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Beat the heat!

So, we're here at our place in Palm Springs and it's SCORCHING hot! It's a little crazy to come in July as the temperature is about 115º! I honestly have no idea how everything doesn't just spontaneously combust. Usually when we are here, most activities are outdoor like biking, hiking, golfing, tennis etc. but all of those things are completely out of the question in this heat. Our wonderful neighbor (we are blessed with the most amazing neighbors) here suggested we hit the spa yesterday and she didn't need to ask us twice :)

We drove over in her electric car that is so much fun with no doors. She has named it her pimp mobile as it's all decked out... That's our neighbor Keiren driving, her friend Pam in the front and I'm peaking out from the back. My hubby is taking the picture of course...

We all piled in and headed over to the Spa Resort and Casino. It's not super luxe but it's an institution down here and a must visit for it's spa treatments and their infamous "taking of the waters" where you arrive early and treat yourself to a relaxing pre or apres spa ritual of steam room, dry sauna, eucalyptus inhalation, private sunken tub with mineral waters and finally the visit to the tranquility room.

Palm Springs is famous of course for it's mineral springs that are very healing and relaxing. In fact we got the inspiration to add minerals to our bubble bath at Principessa (to add to the therapeutic benefits) from our frequent visits here and indulging in this wonderful treatment.

There are many local spas and resorts that cater to those wishing to indulge in the artesian waters that are supposed to have superior qualities in comparison to other mineral springs around the world. The grotto at Two Bunch Palms is one such place.  This place is truly magical. You can bring a book and spend the day lounging in the grotto which comes with any treatments they offer at the resort. On their website they say that the mineral springs feeding The Grotto is rich in lithium, which is a mood stabilizer. The lithium dissolves into a salt which is absorbed into your system through the skin. Time spent floating in The Grotto positively impacts your mood.

I can attest to this because one time we went and we booked a mud bath for after the grotto and it was terrible! However, we were so blissed out (I suppose from all the lithium?) that all we could do was laugh hysterically. It sounded so nice and we were really looking forward to it but in reality it was horrible.

Apparently the mud baths and the spa were featured in the movie "the player" which I haven't seen but I want to now after experiencing that treatment. I have no idea how the actors climbed into that goop without squirming. Let me set the scene for you. I have had mud baths before but none have been anything like this. The concoction was thick and warm and disgusting. It stunk so bad that they had incense in the room trying to hide the smell. My husband was incredulous! He wanted to know how much had we paid to bathe in something that so closely resembled poo?? It really smelled that bad and there were even flies!!

Now, you think no reasonable person would get in this stuff but we did and boy was it hard. Tears were pouring down our face we were laughing so hard. We kept expecting someone to come out and say we were on candid camera or something. It was truly awful and when the therapist came in we asked her what on earth we were sitting in. She said it was a mud/peat moss mixture but it really truly smelled like manure. The best part is we have a great story to tell and our neighbors here like to joke about the gullible Canadians who are willing to pay good money to bathe in poo. All kidding aside, the rest of the experience was phenomenal and the grotto is not to be missed but definitely take my word for it and stay away from the mud baths! :)

Here is another peak at the gorgeous grotto and more info about it from their website...

From the cradle of time, deep within the Coachella Valley desert, nature created one of the hottest artesian mineral wells in the world. These waters of health ascend through the geological fault of Miracle Hill at approximately 148 degrees Fahrenheit, and then flow downward to nurture the Palm Springs resort hotel oasis that is Two Bunch Palms. Native American Indian tribes have referred to it as sacred ground, for the natural elements that merge together here don’t exist in this form anywhere else on earth. It is truly unique – Nature’s Spa.

Here at this renowned Palm Springs resort, the mineral waters cascade into a temperature-controlled grotto with two carved pool areas – one at 104 degrees and the larger at 99 degrees. It is one of the few mineral springs with no sulfurous odor, simply a woodsy scent. A canopy of trees filters the desert sun, but opens to the shimmer of moonlight and the sparkle of stars. The Grotto experienced at midnight is a heavenly delight, a thoroughly romantic indulgence, whether with someone or by yourself.

Ciao for now!