Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lazy dog on board!!!

So cute! I'm riding my bike to work this morning and I was following this guy for a bit. When I caught up I saw the sign on the back of his bike said "lazy dog on board" I had to take a picture it was so adorable.

Now I want to get one for my pooch! She is getting old our dog and is quite sick too. Going around the block is like a huge thing for her now so this would be so great to get her out and about. I'm just not sure I could convince her to stay inside. I should have asked this guy how he did it...

Recently when we were at our place in Palm Springs my hubby and I bought cruisers which I was so excited about. I can't have a cruiser in Vancouver because my commute is just too long and the hills are too steep so I was thrilled to get a pink electra for Palm Springs where it's more flat and cruiser friendly! Look how fun :) These bikes are a blast and I've been coveting one forever!

When we were there I did see a similar cruiser at the bike store that the guy was riding this morning with the hitch on the back and right away I thought of our dog Dharma and how great it would be to get one of those for her as I just feel so bad she can't get around that great anymore. We do bring her to Palm Springs sometimes but we have to drive down as she can't fly so I'm not sure it would be worth it to purchase the bike for the one time a year we manage to get her down there. She loves it though and here is a cute pic of her in the dog friendly hotel room in Portland that was amazing and totally catered to her.
If you are looking for such a hotel in your travels I highly recommend it!  It's a luxury boutique hotel and it's

The things we do for our pets!!